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Can I get a mortgage as a surgery owner?

Getting a mortgage as the main veterinarian in your own practice, especially if it’s set up as a limited company, is a bit different. Lenders look at your income in different ways. Some look at your salary and dividends while others look at salary and net profits after tax. Some even look at net profits before tax. We help you find the right lender for your circumstances. Here are some things to think about:

Limited Company

Many vets run their practices as limited companies, which has tax benefits and protects against certain risks. But it affects how banks see your income.

Accountant Help

Your accountant is a big help in getting a mortgage. They give details about your earnings, which you need for your mortgage application. This includes not just your monthly salary but also any profits your company keeps.

Understanding Lenders

Not all banks look at your income from a limited company the same way. Some mainly look at your salary, while others consider things like profits, dividends, and how well your business is doing.

Personal and Business Finances

Lenders might look at both your personal and business money. It’s important to understand how your company’s finances and your own income connect when applying for a mortgage.

Specialist Lenders

Some banks specialize in working with self-employed people and business owners, like vets with limited companies. They might understand your financial situation better and offer mortgages that suit you.

Credit Score

Your personal credit history matters for the mortgage, so it’s good to have a good score and deal with any credit problems.


Like with any mortgage, you need to pay a deposit. How much you need depends on the bank and the type of mortgage you want.

Mortgage Advice

A mortgage advisor who knows about self-employed people and business owners can help you a lot. They can guide you, find suitable lenders, and help with the application process.

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